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Westlands brawl that has gone viral (watch)



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A YouTube video showing a brawl in Westlands has resurfaced and is currently the talk of the town. It was first posted online in December last year.

In the video clip that was filmed on the eve of 2020 Madaraka Day celebrations, a  couple is caught on camera fighting and washing their dirty linen in the full glare the public.

Their action brings the entire estate into a standstill as the young man and the woman are engaged in a heated quarrel that ultimately turns into a serious physical brawl which not only drew the attention of neighbors, passersby but also left both their vehicles damaged.

At several instances, the security guards with the help of a few concerned neighbors try to end  the fight but the provocative lady keeps coming back and hurling both nasty words and literally throwing stones at the man she keeps calling out loud as “Ken”.

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Efforts by security men to save the mess turns futile as “Ken” decides to go physical on the lady.

This is after he got into his car and severally knocked the lady’s car amid pleas from the onlookers to have him stop.

The reason behind their altercation remains unknown though it is clear how most relationships in the city end.

The two seemed to have had a thing in the past owing from the shouts from their friends who witnessed the whole ordeal.

Restrictions aimed to stop the spread of the coronavirus may be making violence in homes more frequent, more severe and more dangerous.

Several cases were reported in 2020 and this one that took place in a Nairobi’s leafy suburb is just but a drop of water in the ocean.

Over 40% of married women in Kenya have reported being victims of either domestic violence or sexual abuse. Worldwide, over 30% of “ever-partnered women” aged 15 and older have experienced physical or sexual partner violence.

Watch the Westlands video below.

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