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Kamene’s savage response to a ‘fan’ who bashed her kicks



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Radio presenter Kamene’s savage response to a ‘fan’ who bashed her kicks has left KOT in stitches, with many lauding her for the awesome response.

It all started when the man posted a photo of Kamene and her co-host Jalango circling her shoes and asking her to go for new pairs.

Kamene, one of  Kenya’s many celebrities who’ve been cyber bullied before was having none of it and she immediately responded.

Several Twitter users who opined in the ordeal sided with Goro asking her ‘attacker’ to get a life.

Kamene Goro.

The Kiss FM 100 yesterday went online to narrate how someone had sadly likened her to a hippo.

Kamene Goro-Someone called me a hippo (video)

Kenyans online can be ruthless especially towards public figures, some victims have been able to stand up against it and countless others have sunk in depression or even committed suicide.

Social media is so far the biggest platform where body ‘shamers’ and generally cyber bullies hit at their poor victims while hiding behind their keyboards.


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