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2021 hatutumi fare (watch)



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A boys band(upcoming) has composed a song with an awesome message that will soothe the Kenyan men community as they soldier on in the new year 2021. The song is dubbed 2021 hatutumi fare

There has been serious discussions online as to how relationships should be handled this year.

The mostly affected ones who’re men have vowed to change tactics in how they handle their affairs with women this year.

2021 hatutumi fare crew.

Radio presenter and comedian Jalango on Monday sparked a debate after he laid down some of the things men should avoid doing this year.

Jalas-Men should say NO to this in 2021 (watch)

Notable one was the idea of settling bills on the first date.

According to Jalas as he’s popularly referred to, on the first date, let everyone carry their own money for upkeep during that period. The man is only allowed to foot the bills once the two decide to meet again.

This according to him will help deal with women elements only after eating men’s food probably without having an inch of a feeling for them, laughable right!

The comedian insisted that this year men should stay woke to avoid being misused.

Watch the hatutumi fare video below.

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