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Kamene Goro-Someone called me a hippo (video)



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Social media is so far the biggest platform where body ‘shamers’ hit at their poor victims while hiding behind their keyboards. Radio presenter Kamene Goro seems to be one of the many celebrities who have been trolled for sometime now.

According to the radio presenter, cyberbullying is part and parcel of her and she is not afraid of calling out the body shamers.

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Kenyans online can be ruthless especially towards public figures, some victims have been able to stand up against it and countless others have sunk in depression or even committed suicide.

Kamene Goro.

Goro has posted a video on Instagram where she revealed how someone had decided to call her a hippo.

In the video, she took the opportunity to encourage women who had fallen victim of cyberbullies.

Watch the video below.

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