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DJ Pinye’s from grass to grace story (watch)



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Hard work works harder than luck! DJ Pinye’s breakthrough story that later made him one of the best DJs in Kenya is quite inspiring.

His real name is Peter Chuani and was born on 23 January 1971.

DJ Pinye began his Deejaying Career in 1991 while he was in the United Kingdom pursuing a graphic design course.

He loved music and always wanted to be a Dj, but did not have enough money to purchase the equipment he needed.

He therefore had to do some jobs in the United Kingdom to get enough money to buy the Dj equipment to practice his passion.

DJ Pinye.

Through a video he has shared this morning on his Instagram page, Pinye narrated how he used to do cleaning at BHS UK using a buffing machine.

From the little he saved, he was able to buy his first two turntables and a mixer and with that he was officially ushered into the deejaying industry.

Talk about a blessing in disguise for Pinye, when he entered his first DJ competition he got a surprise he did not expect.

Although he lost the competition, he managed to get a job at the club where the competition was being held.

When he learnt the ropes, he started playing for Kenyans in London whenever they had a party.

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He used to play at gigs where sons of prominent Kenyans, like Tony Kibaki (former President Mwai Kibaki’s son) and Tony Gichuru (Samuel Gichuru’s son) who were in universities there helped him get.

He is believed to be the man who pioneered the art of being a DJ in the country and he did the same after reportedly introducing it in clubs for pay, in the early 90s.

Dj Pinye’s story clearly proves how with hard work and determination one can be able to make it life.

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