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2020 nearly killed my career-Jalango (watch)



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You go through tests to show how strong you are, this was radio presenter Jalango’s wake up call this morning during Kiss FM’s breakfast show as he narrated how 2020 was a tough year for him.

In March last year, the media Personality and his close male friends became a trending topic on Twitter after allegations of cheating on their partners with different Nairobi girls surfaced online.

The allegations were engineered by blogger Edgar Obare after he got hold of screenshots from a WhatsApp group that was believed to be that of Jalango and his Boys Club.

The expose also ranked Jalango as the guy who had slept with many girls.

Jalango and his kids.

It’s believed that the boys club had rented a number of apartments in Nairobi where they would take their Mpango wa Kandos to have a good time, drink booze and dance the night away.

In his message this morning Jalango said that the whole ordeal affected him big time.

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He got judged, clients pulled out but he thanks his mum and wife for standing by his side during the tough moment.

He encourages anyone going through hard times, to hang in there and fight towards being a better person.

Watch the video below.

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