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Detectives Question Ruth Matete Over Husband’s Death.



Detectives Question Ruth Matete Over Husband’s Death.
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Detectives from DCI visited Ruth Matete’s home, where a gas cylinder explosion occurred that led to the death of her husband, John Apewajoye.

According to a report published on Daily Nation, the former Tusker Project Fame star led detectives, her lawyer Robert Odanga, scene of crime officers, officials from Energy and petroleum Regulatory Authority to the scene of the accident.

The team collected exhibits that included a gas cylinder and other samples to establish what caused the explosion.

Ruth Matete, who is 2-months-pregnant, wrote a statement giving an account of what happened that fateful evening — March 30

In her statement, she disclosed that her husband John Apewajoye got burnt while trying to light up their cooking gas cylinder. She added that the gas was full, and he was trying to fix it.

“Immediately after, he tried to light the gas, and that is when it exploded,” Ruth stated.

She revealed that she started screaming and went to her bedroom to get a duvet to cover his husband, who was on fire at the time.

John Apewajoye was rushed to Bellevue Shalom Hospital and was admitted at the High Dependency Unit before he developed complications and was transferred to Kenyatta Hospital on Sunday, April 5.

Ruth alleged that doctors at Kenyatta Hospital told her that it was wrong for Bellevue Hospital to admit her husband without a burn unit.

“They said that my husband had not been receiving enough water at Bellevue Hospital, which led to his kidney failure. They also failed to take care of his wounds, so they became septic,” she continued.

Ruth Matete’s lawyer stated that they intend to conduct a post mortem to determine what led to Apewajoye’s death once the Nigerian Embassy grants permission.

“The embassy is still holding the body at KNH mortuary after a video was released by one of its citizens questioning the circumstances behind this death,” Odanga told Daily Nation.

The postmortem would help to clear the air, he stated.

Odanga also noted that Ruth Matete filed a complaint against the Gas Company and Bellevue hospital.

He also stated that, according to Bellevue Hospital, Adewajoye had suffered a 40% burn, unlike 60%, as claimed by KNH.

The investigation is happening days after Ruth Matete is accused of killing her husband by a man named Jesse McJessy, who claims to be a friend to the deceased.

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