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Aoko Otieno-Koinange women are better than Eric Omondi’s h*es (watch)



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Aoko Otieno has rattled many women in Kenya with her views on feminism, leading to some assuming she’s siding with the men.

She explains why many women fronting themselves as feminists are purveyors of misandry and why the victim mentality is hindering the achievement of gender equality.

The carefree vlogger and blogger has gone bare knuckles on Eric Omondi and his just concluded Wife Material show.

Newlyweds Eric Omondi and Carol honeymoon moments (watch)

She describes the nine participants of the show won by Carol of Band Beca as ho*s, not any better than the ones in Koinange street.

Eric Omondi and the nine participants.

According to Aoko, her silence on the matter over the recent days was because she was waiting for the ever ‘noisy’ feminists to condemn the whole thing completely.

She adds that shows like Wife Materials deserve no place in the current world.

Eric, Kenya’s most ripped bachelor, announced in November last year that he was looking for the perfect wife because he was ready to settle down.

For this new reality show, Eric managed to pick 9 of the hottest eligible bachelorettes in the country and stick them all into one house to fight it out for his heart.

The 9 lucky contestants were selected as finalists from a pool of thousands of applications.

After voting by his fans, Carol Kamweru of Band Beca emerged victorious

Aoko Otieno.

Carol of Band Beca wins Eric Omondi’s wife material show

Watch Aoko’s raw video below.



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