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Jalas-Men should say NO to this in 2021 (watch)



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Radio presenter and comedian Jalango popularly referred to as Jalas has this morning decided to speak to Kenyan men on some of the things they should say NO to this year as far as relationship matters are concerned.

His first instruction is that on the first date, let everyone carry their own money for upkeep during that period. The man is only allowed to foot the bills once the two decide to meet again.

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This according to him will help deal with women elements only after eating men’s food probably without having an inch of a feeling for them, laughable right!

The comedian insists that this year men should stay woke to avoid being misused.

“What of a scenario where the lady actually forgets her purse?” Kamene Goro asks, Well Jalas responds by saying it would be absolutely up to her to know how she’ll save herself from the situation.

It’s either she’ll watch you eat or find another alternative.

Kamene and Jalas.

The funny video is currently doing rounds on Twitter and KOT have had various reactions about the sentiments by Jalas.

Watch it below plus the reactions.


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