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Newlyweds Eric Omondi and Carol honeymoon moments (watch)



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Newlyweds Eric Omondi and wife Carol Kamweu have shared their honeymoon videos online and guess what, the duo are having a moment of their lifetime.

The two who got married last week in an event marred by drama from socialite Shakilla have indicated that after their honeymoon, they’re coming back three.

Shakilla’s attempt to disrupt Eric Omondi and Carol’s wedding backfires (watch)

Eric has shared a steamy photo of him and Carol inside a bathtub that seems to have silenced critics who’ve always opined that what was going on between the two was a clout chasing spree basically meant to benefit Band Beca.

Newlyweds Eric Omondi and Carol.

As it is, the couple are having a fantastic time and we wish them all the sweetness while there.

Carol of Band Beca wins Eric Omondi’s wife material show

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