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Drinking games can be your direct ticket to the grave (watch)



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Pre-partying, or “pregaming” and drinking games might seem like an inevitable part of college culture, a rite of passage that begins in high school in many cases.

Since ancient Greek times, young people have played games while drinking so there’s certainly nothing new about competitive drinking but how prevalent are these games today, though?

Over 80% of college students have played the game according to the summary of findings by the University of Indiana researchers. Among self-identified “drinkers”, participation in drinking games rose to 91%.

The issue with it is centered on the high-risk behaviors of heavy drinking and intoxication.

Opponents of the games suggest they trivialize the dangers of binge drinking while encouraging excessive alcohol consumption. There’s often heavy peer pressure to get involved with these games and those who can hold their liquor are glorified.

Top notch courage or dry spell gone berserk? (watch)

In the simplest sense, drinking games are any form of activity where alcohol consumption is the primary focus. There are hundreds of these games with rules and variables often changing.

A video posted by blogger Cyprian Nyakundi on Twitter early this morning has sparked great uproar from Kenyans online popularly referred to as KOT.

In the video, a young man is seen lying on the floor helpless, of course after taking one too many.

Apparently going by the voice unidentified lady in the footage, the young man must have participated in a drinking game.

Efforts to resuscitate him prove futile as at one point he goes fully unconscious.

The end of the whole ordeal remains a mystery. I hope and pray he came out of it alive.

Drinking games are dangerous primarily because of the way they encourage drinking a great deal of alcohol in a short space of time. The nature of the game is secondary with the danger derived from what happens after playing the game.

Rather than any direct result of the game itself, the way you are put into the world of other high risk behaviors is where the danger lies with drinking games.

The very fact that you’re playing one increases the likelihood you’ll get drunk in a short period and that something adverse might happen as a result.

Avoid the game!


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