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Ule wa wife material anarudi shule pia ama?-Jalango savagely attacks Shakilla (watch)



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Comedian Jalango has savagely attacked controversial socialite Shakilla, this is after schools resumed learning on Monday this week with the Kiss FM radio presenter wondering if the socialite had reported back to school.

Ule wa wife material anarudi shule pia ama? was his question that left his co-host Kamene Goro in stitches.

The two were apparently conversing how teachers were going to have a rough time communicating with the learners when Jalas suddenly dropped the bombshell.

Shakilla and Jalango.

Making reference to the Wife Material show, the comedian stated that time had come for Shakilla to stop twerking and get back to her books.

Shakilla has been trending in Kenya ever since she unleashed a list of Kenyan celebrities that had allegedly banged her.

Yesterday she caused drama at the wedding ceremony of Eric Omondi and Carol Kamweru of Band Beca with most online users terming the incident as stage managed for purposes of clout chasing.

Shakilla’s attempt to disrupt Eric Omondi and Carol’s wedding backfires (watch)

Security men manning the event had to whisk her away after she became violent on Eric.

The socialite was once hosted on Jalango’s YouTube channel Bonga na Jalas in a bid to have her turn into a new leaf but the efforts by jalango and Kamene to have her change for the better hit a snag.

The aftermath of the interview was a war of words between Kamene and Social Media influencer Xtian ndela who accused the duo(Jalango and Goro) of trying to tarnish his reputation.

Shakilla would later tell Jalango and Goro to desist from mentioning her name in their morning show.

The latest attack directed at her by Jalango could be the genesis of a war of words in 2021.

Watch the video below.

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