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Kang’ata’s BBI letter was dictated, edited for him-Lawyer Ahmednasir



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Controversial city lawyer Ahmednasir Abdullahi is now claiming that Kang’ata’s BBI letter was edited, dictated to him by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

In a series of tweets, the lawyer opined that the letter was President Kenyatta’s message to ODM boss Raila that the center was no longer holding as far as their handshake was concerned.

‘ONLY a political dimwit will think that Sen. Kangata wrote that earth shaking letter on his own motion. It was dictated and then EDITED for him….’ read part of the tweet.

The Murang’a senator on Sunday through a letter addressed to President Kenyatta made it clear that the Building Bridges Initiative was unpopular in Mount Kenya region.

Kang’ata’s BBI letter has brought about praise and criticism in equal measure.

“Let us emphasize on the soft power and art of persuasion. In my humble view, the provincial administration in BBI process should be invisible,” reads part of the letter addressed to President Kenyatta.

He cited opposition to the expanded Executive, the involvement of provincial administration and campaigns by former MPs as some of the issues working against the initiative.

BBI is unpopular in Mt Kenya, Kang’ata tells Uhuru (watch)

The tweet by Ahmednasir sparks more debate on the issue that has been the talk of the town since Sunday night.

MP Junet Mohamed on Monday poked holes on the letter wondering when Mr Kang’ata became a pollster to deduce that the initiative was unpopular in Mount Kenya region.

The Suna East legislator further questioned the rationale for commissioning an opinion poll on the drive by the senator, while it was still at the initial stages of implementation.

“I don’t come from that area (Mount Kenya) so I cannot confirm what (Mr) Kang’ata is saying but this is the gospel according to Kang’ata,” he said.

Junet Mohamed slams Kang’ata over scathing letter to Uhuru

“He may have his own opinion but I don’t know when Kang’ata became a pollster in this country.”

Below is a series of tweets from the lawyer.


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