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Turmoil online as two teachers teach different subjects in the same classroom (watch)



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Chaos has marred school reopening in Kenya as students/learners return for their studies amid a pandemic that has ravaged so many economies in the world. One video of two teachers teaching different subjects in the same classroom has caused turmoil online.

Although it was apparent things were never going to be the same, many Kenyans did not expect to see two teachers teaching different subjects while in the same classroom.

Imagine the environment? Would the pupils understand anything?

PP1 and Class 8 pupils who had relocated from Ngambo Primary School to Seriani School had to share a classroom after floods submerged their school in Baringo County.

The two groups of pupils were forced to share a classroom due to inadequate classes.

Seriani with only one structure had to work with what they had in accommodating their visitors.

In the video that has since been doing rounds online, the two teachers are shouting over each other as pupils struggle to grasp in vain whatever each of their respective teacher is saying.

Kenyans have condemned the government for being negligent.

Watch the video below.

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