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Kenya top models-2021 models needed



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Kenya Top Models, a modelling agency that works with marketing and advertising agencies is looking for models to recruit this year.

Anyone can be a model, going by the different specifications required by different marketing and advertising agencies.

Meet Amber Ray’s hot small sister who is serving looks on social media (photo)

Kenya top models seek for models/actors that fit one of the following themes – Commercial lifestyle, sports and fitness, business lifestyle, modern entrepreneur, home living, small business lifestyle, friends and family, comedy etc.

Interested parties can reach us via DM Kenya Top Models Facebook page by simply sending their full name, Email address and date of birth.

Photo courtesy of Kenya Top Models.

Registration to join our company is Ksh 300 per photo with a minimum of five photos taken.

The amount caters for a shoot, training in between the shooting session, exquisite outfits  and making of one’s portfolio.

As a company that has worked with various agencies that embraces, employs models in their day to day business, creating a portfolio for you serves to your greatest advantage.

Another advantage of creating a portfolio for you is that we get to upload it on our database and post it frequently on our Social media pages which again have massive following.

Our attitude is to have a low-stress, fun, and casual environment on our shoots, and we are open to everyone from amateurs to experienced actors. We welcome a creative atmosphere where all ideas are welcomed. 

The world of stock photography isn’t very stressful or demanding on talent, so typically a shoot can last about three-four hours each day and it always consists of a small easy-going friendly crew.

Give it a try today and see how we turn your modelling dream into a reality.

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