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What kind of men do you attract? this lady has had enough (watch)



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What kind of men do you attract as a lady? A cry from a fed up lady through a video online has raised many questions about the kind of men ladies encounter in their daily lives.

In the video, the lady complains of meeting men who only want to misuse her.

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She confides that some even go to an extent of wanting to know where she stays so they can come, visit and exploit her things.

The lady bashes the current crop of the boy child whom she brands as lazy and not willing to be committed in relationships.

What kind of men do you attract?

She is also against men always inviting ladies to their places arguing that taking a lady out to a decent place can’t cost that much.

The video was first posted online by Nyakundi Cyprian, Kenya’s controversial blogger.

Nyakundi bashed the lady in the video.

Watch it below.

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