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BBI is unpopular in Mt Kenya, Kang’ata tells Uhuru (watch)



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The BBI referendum might fail in Mt Kenya unless President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM boss Raila Odinga change their strategy.

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata has issued an early warning that the initiative could flop when it gets to the people to make a decision about it

In a letter to President Kenyatta the senator says he has come to the conclusion that BBI is unpopular in Mt Kenya.

“Let us emphasize on the soft power and art of persuasion. In my humble view, the provincial administration in BBI process should be invisible,” he tells Kenyatta.

He cited opposition to the expanded Executive, the involvement of provincial administration and campaigns by former MPs as some of the issues working against the initiative.

He adds that failure by the President and Raila to make a charm offensive steps, BBI risks suffering a painful death.

He wants Kenyatta to take charge of marketing BBI in Mt Kenya region, saying the current campaign is uncoordinated.

Senator Irungu Kang’ata.

President Kenyatta is banking on the BBI process to seal his legacy of unity, a process which depends on a referendum by universal suffrage.

In his New Year’s speech, he made a case for the BBI saying it will cure the winner-takes-all politics, cited as the cause of election chaos in the country.

“The proposed first amendment to our Constitution in 2021, I believe, is a bold path that seeks to lay the foundation for a more just, more inclusive, more equitable and more prosperous Kenya.”

BBI supporters verification exercise launched by IEBC at Bomas

“It also seeks to make right our politics by eliminating “Winner Takes All” and replacing it with “We All Win”,” President Kenyatta said.

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