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Meeting his identical twin for the first time (video)



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A video is doing rounds online of a young meeting his identical twin for the first time. The video is so fascinating.

The video was posted by Adam Trent, an American illusionist on his social media platforms on December 15th last year and it has had quite some engagement.

The two men whose identities still remain a mystery were separated at birth.

None of them seemed to know of the other until nature took its course.

The two were raised separately by two different families having been separated at birth

A tag on a Facebook photo by one of the twins’ friend laid bare the fact that he actually had a brother somewhere.

The person in the photo wasn’t him but they resembled.

This prompted him to start the journey of finally meeting his twin bro.

He says he did everything he could to try reaching him with most of his efforts bearing no fruits.

Months went by with no response until the other party finally responded.

Meeting his identical twin for the first time.

He had to drive from Idaho all the way to New York City to finally accomplish his dream of meeting his identical twin.

Their first meeting is tense with the one driving from Idaho openly showing his anxiousness towards finally meeting his blood brother.

It is a moment he confesses he’ll never forget in his entire life.

The videographer notices how tense he is and he agrees that he feels nervous like never before.

This is also his first time in New York City.

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When he finally arrives at their meeting point, he quickly notices his identical twin brother, and the reaction between the two when they first set their eyes on each other is so cordial.

The two hug passionately, thank God for allowing them to meet, and promise to stick to each other henceforth.

Watch the video below.

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