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How Ruto is Benefiting from Covid-19 – Mutahi Ngunyi



william ruto covid-19 pandemic
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Ever since covid-19 showed up in Kenya, political temperatures have clearly gone down.

Controversial political analyst Mutahi Ngunyi claims Deputy President William Ruto has a lot to benefit from the ongoing covid-19 pandemic.

Speaking to K24 TV’s Punchline, on April 12, Mutahi Ngunyi stated that if it were not for the covid-19 pandemic, Ruto would be dealing with a second impeachment reading.

According to Mutahi Ngunyi, both Uhuru Kenyatta and William Ruto are beneficiaries in this pandemic.

“You know, if Covid-19 had not shown up in town, we would be doing the second reading of Ruto’s impeachment in Parliament. Ruto would be almost finished but Covid-19 came in and stopped reggae.

“Maybe it didn’t stop reggae, it paused reggae because it is now playing in the underground. In my view, Ruto is a beneficiary but the biggest beneficiary is Uhuru Kenyatta,” stated Ngunyi.

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As for the president, the analyst stated that covid-19 pandemic had given him an ample time to work out deals without public scrutiny.

“Uhuru because behind the lockdown state, we have absolutely no idea what he is doing. and you see the jubilee changes that are happening, we don’t know what else he is doing”

“Something Winston Churchill taught us is, never waste a disaster and I think Uhuru is taking advantage of this disaster and he is going to exploit it completely,” he added.

Before covid-19 hit Kenya, a number of MPs from both Jubilee and ODM had laid ground for the impeachment of deputy president.

A number of MPs from both divide have continuously attacked the deputy president accusing him of misconduct and violation of the oath of office.

“The deputy president is definitely guilty of public misconduct and grave malpractices and has not lived up to the oath that he took before assuming office.

“He has not brought honour to the nation and dignity to the office of the Deputy President and has failed to promote public confidence in the integrity of the high office. He would rather rule Kenya than serve the people,” read part of their statement at the time.

The MPs also accused the deputy president of being in war with the head of state following his remarks during the burial of seargent Kenei that the system has planned to bring him down.

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