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Mitchelle Ntalami pens down a heartwarming message to bae Makena on her birthday



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Mitchelle Ntalami has penned down a heartwarming message to bae Makena on her birthday, something that her caught many online users by surprise.

The Marini Naturals CEO has penned a passionate message to journalist Makena Njeri, weeks after sending the internet into a meltdown with photos of their vacation in Diani.

“Makena you drive me up the wall. You are extremely annoying. You’re the biggest chatterbox I’ve ever met. All your million stories always start right when I’m in the middle of something important. But you are also the person who makes me laugh hardest! The snorting kind of laugh that makes me think I’m going to die,” she shared on her Instagram account.

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“We have too much fun together and we play too much! You ride for me; you support me and encourage me. You see me as a cut above all others. You fought for me (literally and figuratively) and you’ve defended me. You have been my light in the darkness. You love me hard! Anyone who’s not down for me is your enemy too. How can I not have someone like this in my life?”

Mitchelle ntalami and Makena Njeri.

Ntalami expresses optimism as 2021 beckons and how grateful she is to have her.

Celebrating Ntalami in a romantic text, Makena three weeks ago dropped a not-so-subtle hint regarding their relationship and shared how the chartered marketer is the center of her universe.

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