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Controversial Socialite Shakilla confirms carrying Eric’s child



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Controversial Socialite Shakilla has confirmed that indeed she’s carrying the child of comedian Eric Omondi.

This follows a revelation from the socialite last week via her Instagram handle.

Shakilla was one of the nine participants in the just concluded Eric Omondi’s wife material show.

Carol Kamweru of Band Beca emerged victorious.

The socialite was the first among the eight who congratulated Carol for winning the contest.

She added that she might have lost Eric but the two had developed such a strong bond and thus she wouldn’t allow her new born baby to be raised in the streets.

Here is the caption she did on the video.

Congratulations to the new wife of ERIC OMONDI I wish you the best take care of him for me but we all know I won’t allow my baby with him to be raised on the streets🛑🛑 LET THE GAMES OFFICIALLY BEGIN NO HOLDING BACK TRYING TO BE A GOOD ASS BITCH

Shakilla claims she’s pregnant with Eric Omondi’s child (watch)

Well… yesterday, alongside Eric, Shakilla confirmed that indeed she was carrying the comedian’s child.

This is after the two went for an Obstetrics Ultrasound that proved she was pregnant.

Controversial Socialite Shakilla and Comedian Eric Omondi.

This further puts the comedian since he has already visited Carol’s parents seeking for her hand in marriage.

Eric Omondi visits Carol Kamweru’s parents for their approval to officially marry her (watch

Ever since she won the contest, the two have been together almost each time with Eric even taking her to church on Christmas day in what he described as the journey towards officially formalizing their union.




I took Carol @bandbeca to my Church today❤🌹 Hii ndoa wacha Ianze kanisani-Eric Omondi (watch)

Watch below the video of shakilla and Eric in hospital.

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