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Eric Omondi deep kisses his 9 ‘wives’ publicly, what’s Africa’s king of comedy up to? (Watch)



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Comedian Eric Omondi has been caught on camera deep kissing all the nine participants of Wife material challenge leaving netizens wondering what the Africa’s king of comedy is up to.

It all started with controversial socialite wannabe Shakilla.

His next session was with Caro of music group Band Beca which sparked reactions after the two allegedly went ‘overboard.’ according to KOT.

Eric Omondi was spotted French kissing with Band Beca girl Carol Kamweru in a passionate make out session aboard a yacht in Mombasa.

Eric and the nine participants.

Eric, Kenya’s most ripped bachelor, announced in November that he was looking for the perfect wife because he was ready to settle down.

For this new reality show, he has managed to pick 9 of the hottest eligible bachelorettes in the country and stick them all into one house to fight it out for his heart.

The 9 lucky contestants were selected as finalists from a pool of thousands of applications.

The comedian has promised a quick Boxing Day wedding, a lavish honeymoon and children to the winner. Eric has already been on dates which have ended up with private love sessions with other contestants like Shakilla and shazzy.

Watch the video below that is currently the talk in town.

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