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Gospel musician Guardian Angel and lover Esther Musila give their haters a humble pie



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Gospel musician Guardian Angel and his beau Esther Musila are stopping at nothing and have given online trolls a deaf ear, as they continue to celebrate their love.

Esther Musila and Guardian Angel

Guardian shared a photo with a caption advising his fans to only work towards pleasing God and not fellow human beings.


His love Esther Musila backed him on the same, adding that one should only focus on the one who loves you, the rest is nothing but mere talk.

The glow is real.
I learnt that life has no expert😂 guys will be all over social media dissing and giving all sorts of opinions on how you should live your life alafu something happens and they die before you😭

Then you realise someone was trying to control your life yet they dont even have control over their own lives.
Be you, do you, live a life that glorifies God Amen…
My Name is Guardian Angel.
His lover Esther Musila added :

Well said my G. I learnt that no one has a script to your life or have a right to dictate how YOU should live your life. Humans will never be happy for your life, there will always be someone working to bring you down. NEVER let anyone have a control over your life. You are your own individual. YOUR life is yours for living. People who judge others, how is your life doing??? Ps. Let nobody bully you into silence. The only one who you are answerable to is GOD, and as long as there is love and respect in your relationship, hizo zingine ni kelele za chura!! Be you.Do you! Love the ONE who loves YOU. My name is Esther Musila, Guardian’s Angel🙏

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