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Willis Raburu’s ex-wife Marya Prude speaks on her journey of healing and self-love despite having a tough year



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Marya Prude has had a  tough year but by the look of things she is making progress based on her post on her Instagram.

Marya Prude

Its close to a year since she faced one of the most difficult ordeal for any mother,loosing their child.

With that followed separation with her Husband Willis Raburu which is not easy for any couple.

But time heals and she is at a better place based on the following post on her social media:

‘I don’t think the healing process ever ends. I just think there comes a time when you decide your wounds aren’t going to stop you from becoming the person you want to be. Self-love is a lifelong journey and sometimes it’s harder than others. You just have to commit.”


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