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Lugari Mp Ayub Savula accused of assaulting singer Bahati and a lady while on a flight



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Lugari MP Ayub Savula is being accused of assaulting singer Bahati along side Dorothy Ochieng CEO of Mochez models on sunday evening when flying from Kisumu to Nairobi.

According to The Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle, the matter was reported to the police under OB numbers  18/13/12/2020 and 19/13/12/2020.

“On Sunday as I was flying back to Nairobi from Kisumu, on Jambo Jet I was attacked by MP Ayub Savula. The onset of all this is, he was winking to a lady seated next to me in a drunken state. This behaviour was totally unacceptable to us and he was requested to stop, after which he started abusing me, my mother and father,” Dorothy posted, a statement reflected in her written police statement.

Singer Bahati

Singer Bahati added that the MP  who was seated next to him, punched and slapped him for no apparent reason.

“I sat right next to him. After he started shouting at the ladies (Dorothy and a friend whose name was given as Caroline Idah), the whole plane was in panic mood. Even a prominent politician who was on flight with us tried to ask him to calm down,” Bahati stated.

When contacted the Mp said he has no comment, but the Communications and Marketing manager for Jambojet ,Titus Ombongi said that it is true and the pilot had already notified security officers at JKIA before the flight landed.

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