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Wealthy Kenyans buying Citizenship in the Caribbean Island ahead of elections



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Rich Kenyans have been showing interest in seeking citizenship in other countries mostly in the Caribbean as a ‘plan B’ to further their business opportunities due to anxieties of the next elections and effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is according to various reports from Citizenship Advisory firms in Kenya, which stipulate that enquiries in relation to Citizenship By Investment have grown to 116%.

The Kenyan Elite are seeking a second passports especially from the Caribbean countries because for instance the Dominican republic have visa-free access to over 140 countries while the Kenyan passport has  visa-free access to only 65 countries, which include US, Europe and Asia.

According to the firms Kenyans are willing to cough out up to 330 Million to get a second passport and the amount varies if you have minors depending on each country’s requirement in exchange for citizenship.

Dual Citizenship was allowed in the 2010 constitution empowering wealthy Kenyans seeking to access better health care, International education and also do Business Internationally.


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