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Japan to finance Artificial Intelligence systems in matchmaking to Increase birthrate



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Japan to use Artificial Intelligence as a measure to increase the number of romantic relationships boosting the birth rates which has been diminishing over the years.

Tokyo City in Japan by night

The AI match making systems have expanded their categories to include hobbies and values which gives more results compared to the previous categories that only considered age and income.

Last year Japan recorded a number of 865,ooo birth rates which is said to be caused by low income and also loss of interest in romantic relationships with number of marriages falling by 200,000 between the year 2000 and 2019.

According to analysis the low birthrates is also due to lack of support for Mothers who are expected to take care of the household, raise the children and also go work.

Japan will be looking to use AI to create robots which will take over household duties and childcare as a measure to encourage mothers to give birth.

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