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Eight mysterious people you probably wouldn’t believe exist on earth (Photos)



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They look mysterious and no one would probably believe they actually exist on this planet. Here is a list of eight Mysterious people you should know about.

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  1. Rolf Buchholz:

Rolf Buchholz, has more than 480 piercings on his body with about 278 of those in his genitalia area alone. As you can see, he’s got various other body modifications too, wild right?

2.Elaine Davidson:

Elaine Davidson, the most pierced woman . When she was first examined in 2001, she had about 720 piercings in but as at January 2019, she’s had 11,003 body piercings and is still get more. She’s got over 500 piercings in her genitalia alone.

3.Maria Jose Christerna:

She is Mexican lawyer, businesswoman, activist and tattoo artist, recognized by Guinness world records as the most tattooed woman in the world with 96% of her body covered. She’s got other forms of body modifications too.

4. Valeryevna Lukyanova:

She is a Ukranian model and entertainer of Russian origin famous for her resemblance to a Barbie doll. The only modification she has done to her body was a breast implant.

5. Vera Ellen Wang:

She is an american fashion designer who just turned 71 some months ago and has refused to look any older.

6. Georgina Harwood:

She is a South African woman who is over 100 years old and is a great grandmother. An adventurous soul, Harwood went on her first skydive when she was 92-years old and she went on another for her 100th birthday. Two days after that, she went shark diving.

7. Yasmina Rossi:

Yasmina Rossi has long been a successful model, working in swimwear and lingerie. While that won’t surprise many considering her looks, what should surprise you is that she is 64 years old and a grandmother.

8. Cathie Jung:

Cathie Jung, a woman that has constantly worn a corset for over 12 years in an attempt to get a tiny waist. Her waist holds the record for tiniest waist as she’s worn the corset enough that her body now holds that shape. Her waist measures in at 15 inches, or 38.1 cm.

Well now you know of eight mysterious people on planet earth.

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