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Top ten most bangable men in Kenya 2020 (photos)



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Kenya is a hub for hot men,from celebrities to ordinary citizens and ladies cannot get enough of them,if you know what i mean.

Looks are deceiving but in Kenya ladies throw that phrase to the birds and cannot help themselves they each want a piece of the cake even if it means sharing these eye candies.

Here is the list of top 10 most sought out for bangable gentlemen giving ladies sleepless nights.

1.Nick Mutuma

He is an actor radio personality.His physic and voice drive ladies to a frenzy, he’s currently dating Bridget Shighadi and they have a child.


He’s a father of three and  currently dating former socialite Corazon Kwamboka.

3.Pascal Tokodi

He’s an actor and singer and keeps ladies glued to the screens for his irresistible looks.



Hes is an artist from Mombasa  currently engaged to socialite Vera Sidika.

5.Otile Brown

He’s is one of the most talented singers in East Africa and was dating socialite Vera Sidika but moved on his Ethiopian girlfriend Nabbi.


6.Kaligraph Jones

He’s a Kenyan artist and a father of two and dating his babies mother Georgina Muteti.


He’s a radio sensation and comedian and his sense of humor is one of the traits ladies love about him.He is maried to Amina chao.

8.Willy Paul

He’s a talented artist and single.


9.Andrew Kibaki

He’s a grandson to the former President Mwai Kibaki.

10.Andrew Kibe

He’s a controversial radio personality who recently opened his own studio and he’s single.

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