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Eric Omondi causes uproar online after tasking Kenyans with picking a wife for him(Video)



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Comedian Eric Omondi has caused an uproar online after he tasked Kenyans with picking a wife for him via video.

According to him, he decided to go that way after what he termed as not being taken serious by women.

In the video that he posted on his Facebook and Instagram handles, the comedian mentioned that he had achieved nearly everything but was still single.

God has been good I am blessed with good health a successful career, some money 🙂I can confidently say I have everything I have ever dreamed of but all these could be nothing without someone to share the moments with as a comedian it has been hard for people to take me seriously when I need them to. This is one of those times.
If you are a lady and you believe you can make a perfect wife for me please send a short whatsapp video to 0782172766 explaining why you would be the best to be the love of my life or post the clip and tag me. I will post the clip and kenyans will help me choose a wife for me
The old african way.

Eric Omondi

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The comedian has so far received more than fifteen submissions from women yearning for him.

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