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Akothee explains why she abandoned the disabled man she picked from the streets



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Celebrated singer and self proclaimed President of single mothers in Kenya Akothee has come out to explain the reasons behind her abandoning a disabled man she picked from the street.

The man in question is known as Shadrack Mwita.

She took Shadrack in May this year.

Through posts done on both her Instagram and Facebook pages, the singer stated that the decision to house Mwita led to a strained relationship between her and the brother.

Akothee and Shadrack.

The mother of five said Mwita was jealous after she started offering help to other needy people.

She said wanted nothing to do with Mwita and had moved on from the relationship.

Here is the post as seen on her Facebook Page


And on the first of may 2020 Amidst corona , I burnt not only my finger but my heart . 💔
Not everyone on the streets needs help , accommodation or medication ,this is purely business for others .
I am beating myself for having a big stupid heart to talk,help and reach out to everyone whom I think needs my help.
I am helping because I know how it feels having nothing ,however , it’s all my fault ,
My children are all grown ups and I am all alone in my mansions , I thought the love I had ,I could spread it to others . The pain of it is ,it comes back stale ,
The day I picked up Shadrach mwita, I broke up with my brother who is one of my confidants, he told me
“Akoth don’t pick a lame person from the streets ,you don’t know their background, shop for that boy and leave him, Akoth ,Akoth leave that boy alone ,you are not taking him anywhere 🚫
👉Me with my big head ,I insisted and thought the boy needs help , He lied he is 18,so I thought he needs a mother love 💔, my bro became angry and drove off ,leaving me with strangers since I dint t want to listen to him . My bro abondoned me for quite some time and never stepped in my compound while mwita was there .
One month later after fixing mwitas leg, he brought out his greed ,misbehaved and hurt me deep .
I then sent him back to APDK ,where I was paying 1000 per day as my anger calmed down.
I asked Apdk if they could employee him and I contribute something small for his upkeep. But Apdk was overwhelmed with staffs too.
, While he was there I had so much pain that I could not even talk to him, I rather call the doctor’s to check on him.he would say he missed me and missed home ,but I didn’t buy it anymore .I hated him instantly for brining pain to me innocently .
👉I had rented him a house next to my home ,which he never cleaned at all, the land lady called me often saying the place is smelling ,and I had to employ for him a cleaner and someone who could show him how to cook for himself . And maybe take care of the modern toilet .
This was before I decided to bring him into my compound .
His legs were fitted and he could now walk and work ….


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