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Lerruat Log Resort, Kajiado beautiful resort on the mountain(Video)



What started as a retirement home for a family actually changed into one of the most exquisite resorts in Kenya, Lerruat Log Resort in Kajiado County.

It is fondly referred to as the resort on the mountain.

A perfect getaway place, it was initially built as a family home but the dream would change once it attracted people most of who were willing to part with some money to catch a glimpse of the place.

Situated in Kumpa Kajiado county, Lerruat Log Resort features accommodation with free private parking.

Lerruat Log Resort

From all the corners of the lodge, be it at the restaurant, the bar, the cottages or the lodge rooms, one is rest assured they will never miss the spectacular and breathtaking views of the rolling hills and valleys.

The Resort is very unique, serene, peaceful and breathtaking if you love nature. The staff is equally very friendly and helpful.

This is the perfect place for a vacation with your family, friends, workmates etc.

YouTuber Wode Maya, who does lots of travel vlogs  is the one who actually made the writer know about this place.

For bookings and Enquiries

Contact 0708-735646 or 0709-747328

Have a glimpse of the perfectly beautiful resort on the hill.


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